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Debbie provides corporate workshops tailored for both SME businesses and corporations.

Debbie is committed to assisting organizations in fully embracing the power of feminine energy within financial planning to achieve increased financial success, bolster company resilience and adaptability, and cultivate an empowered company culture.

Why Feminine Energy in Financial Planning Matters

Feminine energy, characterized by qualities such as empathy, collaboration, intuition, and nurturing, brings a unique and valuable perspective to financial planning within companies. 

Incorporating feminine energy in financial planning isn’t about excluding masculine energy but rather achieving a balanced and holistic approach to financial decision-making and management. By integrating both feminine and masculine qualities, companies can foster a more inclusive, adaptable, and empowered culture, ultimately improving productivity and enhancing their bottom line over time.

Here’s why it’s crucial:

  • Better Financial Outcomes: It leads to well-rounded, balanced decisions that consider the needs of all stakeholders, resulting in improved financial outcomes.
  • Long-Term Profitability: It emphasizes long-term sustainability and ethical decision-making that enhances the company’s financial health and ensures its longevity.
  • Enhanced Customer Focus: It helps financial planners understand customer needs, boosting customer loyalty and driving long-term revenue growth.
  • Efficient Team Collaboration: It encourages efficient teamwork, innovative solutions, and sound financial decisions, harnessing collective intelligence.

  • Effective Risk Management & Adaptability: It nurtures intuition, which complements analytical methods, helping identify emerging risks and opportunities that data alone may miss.

  • Diverse Leadership: It attracts more diverse talent and perspectives, while fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture.


“Debbie Chen’s workshop on transforming our relationship with money was a resounding success, with over 150 Monday Girls from our community in attendance. Debbie’s engaging and empowering approach left a profound impact on our community, aligning perfectly with Monday Girl’s mission of personal and professional growth. We wholeheartedly recommend Debbie Chen to anyone seeking to transform their financial mindset. Thank you, Debbie, for making a lasting impression on our Monday Girl community!”

– Nadia Rassoul, Community Manager at Monday Girl

“I highly recommend the Money Story workshop with Debbie! She put me at ease and made me comfortable to talk. She gave me a new perspective and every time I have a moment of doubt, I hear Debbie’s voice encouraging me.”

– Christiane Hache

“Debbie ran an incredible workshop that challenged our preconceived idea of financial wealth and our relationship with money. She was really down-to-earth and generous with her time. She created a safe space to explore our individual money stories, and helped us to visualize what the potential of what it could be. Thank you so much.”

– Vienna Kerfoot

“Debbie was really great at facilitating the process of uncovering and understanding my money mindset. She provides a safe space for discussing a topic that is never talked about as well as she was able to offer so much insight. Diving into this topic was so important to me in understanding why I grew up thinking the way I did. She truly cares about helping others with shifting their mindset about money and helping them live a more prosperous and abundant life.”


– Liz Law

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