Speaking Engagements

Debbie’s speaking engagements are designed to empower individuals and organizations alike on their journey towards financial empowerment and success.

Debbie is a seasoned speaker on money stories and the alignment of financial choices with one’s purpose . She has guided corporate workshops and participated in panel discussions on the topics of money mindset, the intersection of culture and money, the purpose of money, and the vital realignment of financial choices with individual values. 

Every speaking engagement can be uniquely tailored to meet your specific organizational goals, thematic requirements, and intended audience.

The Holistic CFO-Corporate-Workshops-Money-Mindset


  • Gaining a Safe Space for Open Money Conversations
  • Identifying and Breaking Free from Limiting Money Stories
  • Overcoming Shame and Guilt Surrounding Finances
  • Redefining Cultural and Gender Narratives About Money 
  • Developing Confidence for Empowered and Purpose-Driven Financial Choices


  • Creating a Culture of Financial Empowerment for Employees
  • Demonstrating Commitment to Employee Well-being
  • Increasing Productivity Through Financial Goal Alignment
  • Strengthening Team Dynamics via Open Money Discussions
  • Driving Increased Revenue through Aligned Financial Decision-Making and Motivated Workforce

“Debbie truly captivated our audience with her exceptional speaking skills, and we’re immensely grateful that she generously shared her time and expertise with Lean In Canada Vancouver! Her invaluable insights delved into the crucial realms of financial independence and abundance—topics often overlooked by women. Debbie eloquently reinforced the importance of unconditional self-love, gently guiding us on a transformative journey toward shedding guilt and shame. She illuminated the path to financial liberation, emphasizing the significance of acceptance, healing, and manifestation. Debbie, your teachings have empowered Lean In members to cultivate a positive relationship with money and create environments where we can truly thrive. Thank you for your enlightening contribution!”

Amrita Aggarwal

President, Lean In Network Vancouver

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