The feeling is all too familiar. That sinking feeling in your gut when it comes time to pay your monthly bills, or when you’re hit with an unexpected expense like a car or phone repair. Living in constant fear around money is extremely common, and this fear is often used to create a safety net. After all, it’s easier to stay in that “lack” mindset when it’s all you’ve ever known.

Unfortunately, this safety net is also holding you back from inviting abundance into your life and achieving true financial freedom.

Maybe you feel like you’re undeserving of earning a lot of money or taking your family on that vacation you always wanted. Maybe you’ve spent so many years identifying as someone who has no money that you’re worried about what others will think of you if money is no longer a concern for you. Whatever these reasons are for you, maintaining that mindset will inhibit you from ever taking control of your financial life.

What if I told you that by shifting your mindset and releasing personal judgment that anyone has the ability to manifest financial freedom? Well, you do!

First, let’s look at financial freedom, and what that means to you.

What does a life of financial freedom mean to you?

Take a minute and consider what financial freedom means to you. While everyone might come up with a slightly different definition, the core of the idea is the same.

Financial freedom is financial independence. It is the feeling of safety, security, and control when you think of your money, instead of fear and stress. It’s being able to experience life in the way you want to without having to compromise in other areas due to financial limitations or lack.

Some examples of what financial freedom could look like include:

  • Enrolling in a weekly salsa dance class at a prestigious studio
  • Buying a new dress for your friend’s wedding without having to pull from your grocery budget
  • Paying your monthly rent on time without stress
  • Donating to your local animal shelter once a month because you can
  • Choosing a job that you love and aligns with your values without worrying about the salary
  • Taking your family on a weekend away and staying in a nice hotel

The practical part of a financially abundant life is only one side of the coin (i.e.. the physical money in your bank account). But your mindset is equally, if not more, important.

There should be no judgment in wanting to have an abundant life. You should never feel guilty spending money on yourself and doing what you love. After all, that’s what makes life worth living. And when you do what you love, you raise your vibration because you’re enjoying life!

But how do you shift your mindset from one of negative judgment to one that will attract abundance?

Get specific about your goals – the dos and don’ts

When you’re manifesting anything in your life, you need to be specific. You need to tell the universe, and more importantly yourself, what your financial goals are. That doesn’t mean you need to plan out everything to the T.

When I say getting specific about your goals, I want you to go deep into describing the FEELING you will get from reaching these goals. How will reaching your financial goals make you feel emotionally and physically.

If you want to have enough to buy a new car, go into detail about how that will make you feel. The more specific you can be, the better. You want your body and mind to actually experience what that would feel like and to vibrate on that frequency. It’s as if you already have that car in front of you!

Dedicate a notebook to these goals. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Don’t plan how you think your life is “supposed” to look. That comes from a place of judgment. Instead, be open to allowing things to flow out of you in any shape or form.

When setting your goals, release any attachment to a specific timeline and understand that things may not happen overnight. Just because you don’t reach your goals tomorrow doesn’t mean you never will. Trust in divine timing.

Releasing judgment around what you crave

As a money mindset and finance coach, one of the most common barriers I see clients face is fear of judgment around what they crave. So often clients will say to me, “If I ask for more money, won’t the universe think I’m ungrateful or greedy?” Well, I have some news for you. The universe doesn’t judge! The universe only wants to help you reach your goals, as long they are aligned with your life’s purpose.

Another common concern my clients express is that they are worried other people will pass judgment on them if they adopt a positive relationship with money. This is especially true for those who have had a long-standing negative relationship with money and surround themselves with those with a similar mindset. They don’t want their friends and family to judge them if they show up with a new cellphone, or decide to get their nails done.

Imagine a force field around you. The force field is fear of judgment, it’s low vibration, created by the fear and judgment within yourself and from others. And it is literally preventing abundance from entering your life. Living a fulfilling life will help you raise your vibration and stay in that high vibration. And for that, you should never feel guilty!

My own struggle with judgment as a money mindset and finance coach

My life’s purpose is to help others achieve a positive money mindset and regain control of their finances. As someone doing higher purpose work, I often experienced feelings of guilt around allowing myself to indulge. I felt that I shouldn’t enjoy the finer things in life and should be living a minimalist life and severely cutting my spending in all areas of my life. I passed such heavy judgment on myself that I was living in a very low vibration.

The truth is that being aligned with my purpose means that I should welcome things that bring me joy. When you have control over your finances, you can find that balance of strategic budgeting and moments of indulgence. And that is true fulfillment!

Choosing the path of least resistance

Releasing judgment and allowing yourself to manifest financial freedom doesn’t need to be an uphill battle. If you don’t have the right mindset, then it can feel like a constant struggle, but you can make it much easier on yourself by choosing the path of least resistance.

What does that mean?

Imagine it like this – you have three paths ahead of you. One path is very steep and rocky, weaving up the mountain, with a steep drop down the other side. The second path goes through a muddy, swampy area with multiple rivers to traverse. The last path is flat, well maintained, and even has some benches to rest on. Which one would you take?

And how does this apply to achieving financial freedom? When you are setting goals, don’t pick things based on judgment, or what you “think” you should do. Maybe you went to school to be a pharmacist, but you’ve realized that it isn’t really what you want to do. Don’t set a goal to get a high-paying pharmacist job. That’s like choosing the rocky, mountainous path.

Instead, choose a path that feels natural to you, which involves spending time doing what you love. This shouldn’t feel forced. Setting goals that involve doing things you love will raise your vibration, and when you raise your vibration, things will start showing up at your door.

You don’t have to do it alone

Reframing our relationship with money is easier said than done. Years of conditioning mean it’s not as easy to release the fear of judgment when it comes to manifesting financial freedom. But with a little bit of support, you can regain control of your finances and establish a positive relationship with money. Let’s chat about how I can help you invite abundance back into your life in a complimentary 30-minute sample session. Email me to book it here.